Website Development

Website development introductory rate for $25 / hour while website is under construction.

Unlike other companies we combine local software architects with outsourced developers and quality assurance. Our software architects have 10+ years experience in the field and code review all work done to ensure all websites are highly maintainable.

Our most popular platform is WordPress for its ease of use and content editing features that require no technical experience to publish and maintain your website once it is deployed. We also have experience with other technologies and platforms.

Getting Started

Tell us your website needs and we will provide a free quote. The more specific the requirements the more accurate estimate we can provide. The next step is to agree on a scoped estimate. Agile project management is available upon request.

We do not host directly but can offer our shared hosting plan for $4 / month, domains for $12 / year; as well as other options for higher traffic websites.

We cannot offer 24/7 support. Support requests are done via email and can take up to 24 hours for a response. We operate remotely and don't have a physical office.

What We Offer

We have experience building blogs, eCommerce shops, portfolios and custom websites. See our gallery below for examples of previous work. We can customize an existing template or you can buy a template which we can install e.g. ThemeForest.

What we don't do

We currently do not offer design services but can work with other companies for custom design needs 80 - 150 / hour. Outsourcing graphic design is possible for 30 - 50 / hour but does not usually offer the same level of quality.

Contact Us

Send us your requirements and feel free to ask any questions